Hello everyone!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website at www.sunvtech.com. Our original website helped us through many years, but it was time to make a big leap to better showcase our services and why clients trust us.

Here’s what’s new:

  • All of our services our front and center on the home page
  • Learn about our story and how we got started on our about page
  • A list of our client testimonials available on the success stories page
  • See the industries we work with and our partners we work with
  • Stay up to date by reading our news or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and specials in your inbox
  • A new contact page to easily in touch with us
  • Live chat is now featured across the website to quickly communicate with us

Do you have feedback for us? Want to tell us how much you love the new site? Or just having trouble finding something now that things have moved around a bit? Get in touch with us!

We’ve designed a new logo!

After being known as Sun Valley Tech for a long time, it was time to create logo to match the branding and direction we wanted to take:

We updated our look!

Of course, the first difference you’ll notice is in the look and feel of the new site. We think it’s much easier on the eyes. Don’t worry — despite the new coat of paint, we’re still committed to offering the same great prices and great service.

Our old website

Our new website

new site

So what’s next?

In short, more of what you love about Sun Valley Technology. Stay up to date with industry news, events, brands, and other specials through our newsletters as well as on our news page. We will keep up to posts on our Facebook page so you can see what we’re up to as we navigate a new and changing world.

We also want to thank the team at Runningfish for their hard work and expertise in revamping our brand and developing our website.

Thanks for being part of our journey, and we hope you enjoy our site as much as we do. We look forward to all your questions, suggestions, or feedback, and don’t forget to share the good news!

– Sun Valley Technology